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Put Your Money Where Your Paint Is

A twenty dollar can of paint is all you need to transform a space. Changing the color of a single wall can be a quick, yet impactful, redesign.

When selling a house, it is best to stick to neutral colors for most spaces. This doesn’t mean your choices should be boring. A feature wall in a darker tone helps elevate a room and adds interest to a dull space.

When choosing a feature wall in a bedroom, always opt for the wall on which your bed is placed. Painting the wall behind the bed can be a great option for staging a bedroom that lacks a headboard.

The room featured here already had a lot of great “bones” necessary for the right appeal. I usually suggest neutral linens…check! The side tables should be symmetrical and the lamps should match…check, check!

Although the tera-cotta color in the “before,” does not look “tera-ble” (pun intended), it does not offer the wide appeal achievable by selecting the neutral gray in the “after.” While I feel painting is a small task and am able to look past it while looking for a home, most buyers do not see it the same way. Many buyers will pass up a home if the walls are painted a color they cannot live with. At the very least, your property will be noted with this negative feature, and the item will be added to the list of “fixes” the buyer considers while putting together an offer. For this reason, twenty dollars is the smartest (and likely the smallest) investment you will make when preparing your home for the market.

Note: Please excuse the photobombing dog. Apparently, Paris Hilton trains all Chihuahuas to love the Paparazzi. 

A few additional and FREE changes were made to complete this bedroom. The art was swapped out with a piece from the living room. This floral piece is wider, a better scale for this room. This Master was not wide enough to hold a king-sized bed, and a queen was just the right fit. Using the wider art piece makes the bed appear more grand, which is especially important when buyers are using online photos to determine if they want to view your listing in person.

The floor rug was removed from the side of the bed, as it was not a great quality (rubber backed) and made the room feel smaller. Visually, rooms appear larger when more floor space is featured. If the floors are in good condition, consider editing the amount of floor rugs used throughout the home.


Since the feature wall is now neutral, the vintage orange leather chair, although lovely and special, was no longer welcome in this room. It was traded for a neutral love seat from the living room. No worries…the vintage chair found a new home in the home office and now proudly coordinates with an autographed movie poster from its same era.



6 thoughts on “Put Your Money Where Your Paint Is

  1. I could not agree more that paint is the easiest and most cost effective solution to overcome a buyer’s “objections.” It’s the same thing I tell my clients when I come into a space with such a vibrant wall (i.e, red kitchens and dining rooms). I also love how you made the bed more grand just by switching out the artwork. It was a simple but stunning addition to the room.


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