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Frames for Days

Adding interest to walls goes beyond picking the perfect shade of “pebble” while staging a home for sale. We’ve already learned how best to put your money where your paint is.

Another step a home stager usually takes is to remove all family photos and unappealing art (such as nudes). Subsequently, the walls themselves end up unappealing and nude. I have the surefire solution to this problem, and it has universal appeal for any style home.

Many homes have high ceilings, especially in the entryway, and addressing this space with art can get expensive.  Creating a gallery wall with upcycled empty picture frames creates dimension, pattern, texture and interest and can be adjusted to fit any size, style or budget.



To adjust this project for size is almost obvious. Smaller walls need fewer frames for the gallery arrangement. Larger walls will need more frames.


This project compliments ANY style of home.

  • For Modern Homes: Using empty frames is a modern approach to the gallery wall idea, so you are off to a great start already. The frames selected should be identical in shape, size and color. This would be a great opportunity to incorporate that pop of color you need to liven the space. A lacquered finish on a smooth frame would also enhance a modern style. Stick to a very symmetrical gallery, such as a window pane pattern, for a modern arrangement.
  • For Shabby Chic, French Provincial, Rustic and Eclectic Homes: The frames can vary in size and shape. Ornate and antique frames work very well, and the more variation, the better. These styles tolerate color differences as well; however, I suggest using colors within the same family. Varying shades of white is my favorite, and I find that it is the most universal.
  • For Traditional Homes: Your project would fall somewhere between the first two approaches. Traditional looks have more allowance for variation in size and arrangement than the Modern project; however, I would suggest sticking to a set of gold or wooden frames with ornate features. Too many smooth frames will read too modern for the traditional look.
  • For Transitional Homes: Your project would be a combination of the Modern and Traditional approach.


The easiest and quickest way to accomplish this project is to head to the local frame shop or home décor depot and purchase the frames needed to accomplish your desired look. However, this can be costly, unless you hit the store during a bogo sale. If you are going after a modern style, this approach to shopping will be the best option, as it is important to get identical frames to achieve the proper look. Remember, you are not concerned with the color of the frame at the time of purchase; you can fix that later with a few cans of spray paint!

If you are not bound to the modern style, and you have a bit more time, your project can be less expensive. Since the frames can vary in size and shape, secondhand stores, resale shops, garage sales and clearance isles will be your ticket to the perfect frame wall.  Not only is this method of collecting frames cheaper, the variation will enhance the finished look of your gallery. Once enough frames are collected, you can spray paint and hang them. For these styles, I also recommend taking sand paper to a few of them to add even more variation with a distressed finish.

Listen up…Goodwill has got the goods! If the frame comes with a horrible 80’s southwestern print or a needle point by someone else’s Great Aunt Betty, who cares! Bust that baby out, and paint the frame. Ninety percent of the frames in the example below were purchased at Goodwill.

The frames in the sample photo bring attention to the height of the ceiling, the crown molding, and the upgraded coffered ceiling. This home has an open floor plan, so the entryway and living room are also benefiting from this frame gallery. All of this interest for only $75.00!

A gallery wall of empty frames makes a huge visual impact and elevates your listing in photos and in person. As a stager, a set of frames is a wise investment.  This universal art will make a big impact home after home.

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