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Get to the Point: Five Favorite Focal Points in Home Design

Creating a focal point in each room is important to the success of the overall design. When staging your home for sale, drawing attention to a focal point can be a great method to move potential buyers’ interest away from awkward or less than impressive features of the space. If a focal point already exists, let’s make it shine. If a focal point does not exist, let’s create one! Here are my five of my favorite focal points in home design: 


A fireplace is the most common focal point in living rooms, but can also be featured in master bedrooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and even studies. In recent years, mounting the TV over the fireplace has become a popular way to unify two competing focal points in a space. Since the furniture arrangement needs to work to compliment your chosen focal point (not compete against it), locating the TV and the fireplace on the same wall (or even in the same location) can assist with furniture placement. Everyone wants their sofa to facilitate easy TV watching, but no room should use the TV as the single focal point. If it is not staying with the home for sale, then buyers need not to pay attention to it. 


I invested in a builder upgrade for the ceiling in one of the rooms in my own home. I fell in love with the idea of a coffered ceiling in my dining room, which is in the center of my open floor plan home. I am so glad I splurged on this feature, as it creates an extra special focal point in my home and will never go out of style.  For more tips on what features in your home will be worth the extra money for years to come, check out Home Design for Timeless Value.

Look at all of these gorgeous ceiling treatments! Buyers’ eyes will be drawn right to them.


Check out Frames For Days to learn how to create the perfect feature wall in any room, in any style home and on any budget. Feature walls can become focal points by adding special wallpaper, paint, built-ins or artwork. This focal point idea is pretty much limitless!


A special light fixture, which matches the overall style of the home, can be the shining star of any home (literally).  


If you are lucky enough to own a home with a special view, by all means, highlight it! This is likely the most rare focal point option available to home owners. Buyers will be willing to pay top dollar for a spectacular view. 

BONUS: What Would You Do? 

What would you do to create a focal point in this room? The room is lovely, but the first things I see are the TV and ceiling fan, which are not focal point worthy. Comment below to share your focal point ideas to help this seller get top dollar! 


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