Staging Tips

Tips for Capturing the Best MLS Photos

Tips to Get Started:
  1. Hire a professional photographer who specializes in real estate photography and uses a wide angle lens.
  2. Stage the home. Clearing the home of personal items, arranging the furniture for proper traffic flow and neutralizing decor is important to tackle prior to having your property photographed. Vacant rooms appear smaller and cold. Buyers will pass up listings with photos of vacant rooms because they are not appealing enough to catch interest. For more info on how to improve appeal of vacant homes, check out Vacant Homes Leave Buyers Empty-minded and Sellers Empty-handed.
  3. Feature one great shot of each room. Buyers will get restless clicking through repetitive content, and you will risk losing their interest. Remember, the idea of MLS photos is to entice potential buyers to book a showing.
  4. If your home has a few special details, feature these with a close-up, artsy angle. (i.e. hardwoods look glorious in direct light, barn doors are major selling features these days, etc.) 
Exterior Photo Tips:
  1. Make sure the property is clean and clear of all papers and trash.
  2. Make sure the yard and all landscaping is manicured and neat.
  3. Trim trees if possible and blow away all leaves.
  4. Remove any vehicles from view.
  5. No trash cans or water hoses visible in either yard.
  6. If there is a pool, make sure it is clean.
  7. Remove any pool cleaner and all pool equipment.
  8. Remove window screens and clean exterior and interior surface of windows.
  9. Power wash and wet down driveway, sidewalk and patio surfaces just before photographing.
  10. For tips for outdoor staging, check out It’s What’s on the Outside That Counts! Home Staging Tips for the Best Curb Appeal.
Interior Photo Tips:
  1. Make sure light bulbs are all the same type in each room.  Do not mix CFL’s, Tungsten & LED’s for the absolute best photos.  Make sure all lighting is the same temperature (Daylight is most preferable). Do not mix soft white and daylight.
  2. Remove any papers and magnets from refrigerator and everything from the counter tops.
  3. Make sure bathrooms and showers are clean and clear of all toiletries and toilet seats are down.
  4. Remove all shampoo items from bath areas and ALL items from counters.
  5. For more information on staging the perfect bathroom, check out Living in a Staged Home Stinks, but Your Bathroom Shouldn’t! 3 Essential Steps to the Most Valuable Bathroom.
  6. Remove all papers from tables and counter tops. (i.e. mail, school and camp forms, etc.)
  7. Turn on all lights and lamps 30 minutes prior to photography appointment and replace any that may be burned out.
  8. Turn off all TVs and computer monitors.
  9. Unless your home has a million dollar view, close the blinds in every room, if present. Blinds should be closed pointing UP to the ceiling.
  10. Turn off ALL fans.
  11. Remove ALL trash cans completely.
  12. No visible items from under bed or furniture.
  13. Remove any medical or exercise equipment.
  14. Store all toys.
  15. Remove all pets or confine them to a kennel out of sight.
  16. Remove all pet bedding and bowls.
  17. Personal photos and decor featuring names should be removed. (for security purposes in addition to proper staging)
  18. Remove any seasonal items to prevent dating the photos.
  19. Contact Us to learn how we can assist you with preparing your home for MLS photos to really WOW potential buyers!

MLS photos are the MOST important part of your online listing and speak much louder than words in any description. You must ensure they are professional, interesting and show buyers how valuable and desirable the home is.


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