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9 Cool Ways to Incorporate Chalkboard into Your Home Design

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be very rewarding. Chalkboards are certainly not a new concept in home design, but these ideas below got me thinking of new ways to use this timeless technique. I hope you try one in your home, too!

  1. On Furniture: Hostesses everywhere will love this table. Wine and cheese pairings and place card names can go right on the tabletop. 
  2. On Appliances: Get a few more years out of your old fridge, or match other appliances in your new home without buying a new one! 
  3. On a “Family Hub” Station: Chore charts, soccer schedules, piano lessons…keep up with it all here!
  4. On a Play Room Wall: Let the kiddos go wild on this wall. Chasing them to retrieve crayons is no longer your most dreaded pastime. Give them some space to scribble away! 
  5. Above the Mantle: Large art pieces can be quite the investment. This idea can fit with many different design styles and offers great flexibility. Use upscale images for a formal look and playful images for a casual look. The options are limitless and can be ever-changing! 
  6. Behind Your Head: – Some of the greatest ideas come to me in the middle of the night. No nightstand notebook needed here. Just jot down your brilliant thoughts for a morning recap a few hours later! 
  7. On Doors: What a neat way to use the empty space on doors. Create this look on your pantry, laundry room, or kid’s room doors. 
  8. On Bathroom Walls: Create your own wallpaper designs and change them as often as you want! Chalkboard walls in a Powder Room is a great way for guests to leave you a little note for later! 
  9. Outside: Create a space out front for neighbors to leave a note when they dropped by, but missed ya! Add a chalkboard to your back patio for guests to leave fun messages while you are at the grill. 

For more kid-friendly design ideas by Sitting Pretty Redesign, read 3 Tips for Kid-friendly Homes with Undisturbed Adult Appeal.


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