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Cool, Calm and Aqua

Aqua has been a popular color in home décor for many years, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. This perfect accent color is everywhere I turn lately, and I love it! What I like most about aqua is how it makes me feel when I am in a room accented with it: cool, calm and envious of its beauty. Whether you are staging a home to sell, or fixing up your current digs with an interior redesign, consider adding the versatile accent color of Aqua.

Aqua works well with many different styles, shares well with a variety of other colors, and is the perfect accent in many different rooms within your home.  Continuing a bit of aqua throughout your home will create a cohesive, calming vibe as guests (or potential buyers) move about the spaces.

In kitchens, unique touches of aqua add personality and a “wow” factor to a potentially boring space. These kitchens set the bar pretty darn high with their aqua accents:

In bathrooms, aqua creates a crisp, clean vibe…like these:

Aqua is a great choice for accenting a nursery for either gender. Here are the rooms of some lucky, hip babies:

Traditional Style Homes with Aqua Accents:

Mid-century Modern Style Homes with Aqua Accents:

Transitional Style Homes with Aqua Accents:

Coastal Style Homes with Aqua Accents:

Asian Style Home with Aqua Accents:

Cottage Style Homes with Aqua Accents:

Eclectic Style Homes with Aqua Accents:

Aqua with Navy:

Aqua with Green:

Aqua with Coral:

Aqua with Red:

Aqua is a very great choice if you are looking for that coastal calm. Check out Going Coastal in Style! for more design ideas to capture the very best of the beach in your home!

Contact Us to learn how Sitting Pretty Redesign can help you add the perfect accents to your home.

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Aqua glass cabinet knobs in the feature photo for this post are available at http://www.artfire.com ($20.00). 



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