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Feel Free to Soar! “Big” Boy Bedroom Redesign with Airplane Theme

Decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting and anticipated events on the journey to parenthood. Imagining your new bundle of joy in his or her new room, with each detail created just for them, is just heart-warming!

Since decor can be quite the investment, I always try to get the most longevity out of each design as possible. I advocate for creating nursery spaces that will easily transition into “big kid” rooms with just a few adjustments. You will see from the design below, this airplane-themed nursery will easily serve this lucky little boy well for several years to come.

Be sure to click on each of the images below to learn of details for achieving this look, as well as the plans for the “big boy” room transition. Time flies, and this room SOARS!

What’s that? You’re pregnant? CONGRATULATIONS! Now, it’s time to clear out the old yearbooks and prom dresses from the Guest Room closet. Your baby’s gonna need more storage than three adults combined! How can ONE tiny human need ALL of that stuff???

Sitting Pretty Redesign would LOVE the opportunity to create a special nursery for your little one(s). Contact Us to get started!

We can also help transition the rest of your home into a kid-friendly space, while maintaining your “pre-kiddo” design style. Check out 3 Tips for Kid-friendly Homes with Undisturbed Adult Appeal to learn more.


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