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Large Wall Art: Large Wallet Not Required  

A year after moving in, my entryway way wall was still blank and driving me bananas! I was having commitment issues with several ideas, and I found this space to be extra tricky. Because it can be seen from all angles within my home, the look needed to be cohesive with my gallery frame wall (check it out!); therefore, another gallery style arrangement would look too busy and cluttered. A bold piece worked better this time.

Finally, I pulled the plug on a cheap solution, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Since it was so economical, this art may not be a long-term commitment, which makes it a great idea for home staging solutions, starter home decor, kids room/playroom art, etc. Add this statement piece to your rental property to personalize the space and add interest without jeopardizing your deposit.


I found great instructions from House of Jade Interiors for creating an extra large art piece from a fabric (not vinyl) shower curtain. Yep, a shower curtain! I purchased this shower curtain from Society6, which is now on sale (darn it!), but any graphic print will work fine. Here are a few other options I think would work great for this project:

Kid Space:
$57.80 Buy it here.
Mid-century Vibe (over a clean-lined sofa!):
$39.95 Buy it here.
Farmhouse/Fixer Upper Style:
$64.99 Buy it here.
Shabby Chic (great for over a master bathroom tub!):
$64.99 Buy it here.
Industrial (works great in a home office!):
$39.99 Buy it here.

Big art costs BIG bucks, but not with this project! My total was about $90; however, if you can re-purpose an old shower curtain, or find one on clearance, this project could cost you waaay less. My new entryway art measures about 70″ x 70″, and I certainly got a BIG bang for my buck.

Sitting Pretty Redesign strives to achieve the best (and biggest) bang for every buck in our client’s project budget. Contact us today!

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