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Holy Shiplap, Batman!

I am currently elbow-deep in a shiplapping mission in my own home. My husband and I (He is my Robin for sure!) are DIYing our “shiplap” install and have plans to incorporate this design in several areas of our new construction home. Although it is a beautiful home, this place needs some character!

My husband works for the home builder who built our new house, and a few coworkers of his are giving him flack about our choice of making permanent alterations so quickly after closing. As a home stager, I always think about how home improvement projects will affect the resale value of the home. Even though I have claimed I am never moving away from this “forever” home, I guess I should never say, “never” though, right? I will admit that the permanence of this improvement project did rattle my nerves a bit; however, I am certain it is the right choice for this home. Shiplap enhances the features we have already chosen for our home. The character and texture added by the shiplap make our new construction home stand out among the rest. It is important for me to live in a space that feels “completed” to me. If there ever comes a time to consider selling our place, I can use my staging skills to appeal to buyers. It’s what I do! (In other words, “I ain’t scared!)

Think shiplap is only for Chip and Jo? Well, think again! Shiplap compliments a variety of styles, outside of the beachy or farmhouse vibes that first come to mind when considering shiplap. Often, people shy away from making alterations in their home because they are afraid of changing their mind (or taste) in the future. People usually redecorate every 7-10 years; therefore, it is important to ensure permanent enhancements are flexible with design choices today and in the next decade. Shiplap is NOT a new thing. It dates back to the 1850’s. Yes, it has become more popular recently, but it’s timeless and has more versatility than you may initially think. The variety of styles in the following looks will get you “on board” with shiplap for sure!

Mid-century Modern
All American Cottage

I can’t wait to share the finished shiplap projects in my house. Stay tuned!

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