Services for Designing to Sell

Staging Consultation (verbal)    

$250 (Allow up to 2 hours)

Sitting Pretty Redesign does a walk-through of the entire property, inside and out, looking at everything from curb appeal to wall color and furniture placement. We then make recommendations as to what changes and/or updates need to be made in order to achieve the best market appeal. All suggestions keep in mind what will achieve the greatest impact and “bang for your buck.” We will sit down and discuss your goals and address any questions you may have. Homeowners are encouraged to take notes for future reference.

Home Staging Consultation (w/ detailed report)    

$350 ($250 + $100) (Allow up to 2 hours)

At the completion of a verbal consultation, we will re-tour the property taking digital photos and notes. A very detailed report will be produced, outlining specific room-by-room recommendations. This guide is great for do-it-yourselfers. It will be sent to you within 48 hours of the consultation. If hands-on-staging is desired, we will establish a budget and timeframe and include a proposal that estimates time & charges, along with contracts, to be signed and returned before staging is scheduled.

FOR REALTORS: The Home Staging Consultation with Detailed Report is a great option for Realtors, offering clients a valuable staging resource included with their listing. Most homes need more attention than a little de-cluttering and cleaning to get market-ready. Let Sitting Pretty Redesign take on the tough conversation with your clients regarding the contents and condition of their home. Home Staging is proven to bring in higher offers, more quickly (see National Association of REALTORS 2015 Profile of Home Staging); therefore, this small investment upfront will be a profitable one for agents and clients alike!

Occupied Property Staging 

(Estimated fee based on 2000 square foot home. Additional fee may apply.)

Half Day $500 (allow up to 4 hours) 

Full Day $1000 (allow up to 8 hours)

*An in-home consultation is required to determine the staging needs of the home. Consultation price is $250,  a portion ($100) to be refunded upon staging package purchase. Signed Agreement required, and 50% of service fees are payable prior to the provision of services. 

Based on the initial consultation, a Full or Half Day of staging will be recommended. Using the furniture and accessories in your home, we will transform your interior space to make it appeal to the largest number of potential buyers.

Sitting Pretty Redesign will stage your home using your existing furniture and décor, wherever possible. Space planning techniques will be used to optimize traffic flow and create a feeling of spaciousness. Buying a home is an emotional process, and proper staging appeals to those emotions. Using visual interests, our staging talent will trigger buyers to see the “wow” factor in your space and feel like this could be “home.”

We may recommend editing or storing certain items or adding some carefully chosen furniture and/or accessories. Recommended additional items may be purchased by you, or we offer a shopping service at $75/hour. Items purchased can be a great inventory to kick start your stylish new home, or you may return the items for refund upon sale closing/de-stage.

Staging will be done to appeal to today’s discerning buyers in a classic, contemporary style appropriate to your home’s décor and price point. Upon completion, we will take photographs for your use in marketing on the MLS.

Prior to scheduling your Full or Half Day of Staging, we recommend that you complete the following:

  • Pack away all unnecessary items, such as: clothing, dishes, books, video games, magazines, fridge magnets, bills, and any additional clutter
  • Have the home professionally cleaned, inside and out
  • Wash all windows, indoors and out
  • Paint all interior walls a neutral color
  • Remove all artwork from walls, but leave it out for possible re-hanging
  • Hire a landscaping company to cut, trim and prune the yard. Re-mulch all flower beds.

Occupied Property Real Estate Photography Speed Staging

$250 (Allow up to 2 hours)

Ensure the home is picture perfect just before photographer arrives. Includes light staging and finish styling using existing furniture and decor.

Shopping Service

$75 per hour

Sitting Pretty Redesign will create a budget and shop for those accessories and/or linens that serve as investments in the sale of your home. We know where to go for the unique touches buyers will covet.


$150 per room

Perfect for clients outside of the Greater Houston Area. You send photos and complete a questionnaire via email and pay via Paypal for your e-staging session.

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a personalized Staging Plan within 72 hours, including detailed instructions for achieving the greatest buyer appeal. The Staging Plan will include directions for furniture placement and editing, space planning for traffic flow, and accessories/art editing and/or selection.

A fifteen-minute phone call is included to review the Staging Plan together and answer any questions you may have before getting started.

Send a photo of your final room for feedback/confirmation, if desired.