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Four Showers in One Summer: Fun Ideas for Baby and Wedding Shower Themes

There was certainly no drought in my hot Texas Summer this year. I had the honor of co-hosting FOUR showers to celebrate one “Happily Ever After” and three “Bundles of Joy.”

I live for party planning, and celebrating new blessings in my friends’ lives really takes the cake. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have shared these special moments with them, and I am also excited to pass along the highlights of the events to you.

Be sure to click on the photos to read the captions for specific details on how to achieve each look. 

  1. “I Do” BBQ – Couples Wedding Shower 

  2. “Look Whoooo’s Almost Due” – Co-worker Baby Shower

  3. “Rookie of the Year” – Co-worker Baby Shower (Celebrating the New Daddy-to-Be!) 

  4. “You are my Sunshine” – Best Friend’s Baby Shower 

    You’ll notice some of the same items were used for multiple events. I love to re-purpose items and use them time and again. For example, the cupcake stand was purchased for my son’s baptism reception, and I have used it about a hundred times since! I simply change a ribbon bow out to match each theme. Additionally, I print a round graphic decoration from online, cut it out, and place one on each plate. This special touch shows more and more as guests remove the food from the stand. Don’t limit this investment piece to only cupcakes…it’s mighty useful for most anything (scones, bundt cakes, favors, mini quiches, you name it!)

    For more information about how to make the sunshine banners, check out One Mantel, Styled Four Ways.

Now, onto the next party to plan…my son’s birthday. Stay tuned for pictures from his “Choo, Choo…I’m 2!” celebration!

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